Our Services

Here at multilingual design we offer a fully managed professional translation and proofreading service carried out by native translators with intimate industry knowledge.  We specialise in translations in the following categories:

Marketing and Advertising

With all our advertising translations we aim to create the same response from your advert no matter what language it is presented in. Our expert translators communicate the concept without losing any of its impact in translation. Our translators have experience in conveying concepts, technical terms and content from the source language to a target language, ensuring your message retains its content, while being localised for the intended language, market and cultural environment.


We ensure your branding message is not lost when crossing linguistic and cultural borders. We carry out linguistic evaluations of brand names; create adaptions of core brand messages into foreign languages; and also do copy-writing in foreign languages.

Interpreting Service

Our interpreting service is also ISO accredited and available in more than 400 different languages and dialects. Our global network of more than 10,000 interpreters enables us to select industry experts for every interpretation. This means we can offer the highest standard of service for all interpretations whether it is simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, relay, or liaison.

We also use state-of-the art technology to provide an exceptional telephone video interpreting service ideal for those situations where you want to communicate with people from different corners of the globe. Like our translation service, our interpreting service is also available 24 hours a day.

Public Relations

Our We are dedicated to assisting you manage your public relations across language and cultural boundaries. You will always be assigned a translator working into their mother tongue, who is an expert in public relations.